Comprehensive eye care – The mainstay of Dr. Debra Guthrie’s practice is delivering comprehensive eye care to patients. She and her staff educate patients about the importance of preventive eye care. Early detection, diagnosis and treatment all with a personal and caring touch, is our mantra. As part of Dr. Guthrie’s commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, discussions about diet, exercise, and mindfulness is an integral component of the patient encounter.

The old adage that “we are what we eat” is becoming more important as we learn how nutritional supplementation and healthy eating habits may prevent and actually slow down the progression of some eye diseases.

This has been shown to be true in scientific studies with the AREDS2 nutritional formulations for macular degeneration. Omega 3 fatty acids have been demonstrated in some clinical trials to be beneficial for dry eye disease. Nitrates found in green leafy vegetables may slow down the progression of glaucoma as well as lower primary open-angle glaucoma risk.

Daily exercise is good for maintaining healthy eyes, bodies, and minds. During your time spent with Dr. Guthrie she will show you how to incorporate simple lifestyle changes to create a healthier you.

Mindfulness has become ever important as the world that we live in becomes faster and faster. Pausing, taking a deep breath and being present, will help us better assess a difficult moment. Allowing the pause will help one make a better choice- all important for taking care of our eyes, bodies, and those around us.

Being an eye care physician is more than just taking care of eyes. Welcome into the eye care world of Dr. Debra Guthrie.