Comprehensive Eye Care – The mainstay of Dr. Guthrie’s practice is delivering comprehensive eye care to patients. We educate patients about the importance of preventive eye care. Early detection, education all with a personal and caring touch, is our mantra.

Cosmetic BOTOX – Dr. Guthrie provides cosmetic BOTOX to her patients. Having an artistic eye coupled with extensive knowledge of facial anatomy Dr. Guthrie is the right choice. If you are starting to notice smile lines at the sides of your eyes and some deep furrows across your brows Botox may soften your look. People in their thirties or forties, or older are having BOTOX injected in smaller doses. This allows for a more natural, relaxed look without losing movement in the face. Starting at a younger age may slow down the deepening of the skin creases, static creases, that age us. These dynamic expression lines are gently softened. Botox® has been safely used for over 10 years for the treatment of spasms of the eye. It was noted that many of the patients also noted improvement of wrinkles around the eye after their Botox® treatments.

Glaucoma – Dr. Guthrie has a very extensive glaucoma practice. Patient education is foremost in helping to prevent loss of vision. Treatment options include medications as well as laser treatments. Surgical intervention is recommended when indicated.

Dry Eye Management – Success in managing dry eye patients is a very exciting part of Dr. Guthrie’s practice. “One size does not fit all.” Treatment of the dry eye patient is not like following a cookbook recipe; treatment plans must be tailored to the person’s lifestyle and needs. There are many artificial tears in the marketplace that comfort the dry eye patient. Plugs (tiny stent-like corks placed in the canals that drain tears), is a painless option done in the office for increasing available tears. They are used to enhance comfort. Restasis©, an antimetabolite, has been a great advancement in managing dry eyes. Some of the nutritional supplementation available creates an improved tear quality and function.

Nutritional Supplementation – Patients are offered a well-formulated nutritional supplementation through Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals(PRN) at a fantastic price point for both the treatment of dry eyes and macular degeneration. Ask one of the staff about these products. These products may also be purchased online by clicking here.

Diabetic Eye Care – Annual retinal examinations for Diabetic patients are strongly recommended. Dr. Guthrie frequently discusses dietary changes with her patients. She suggests seeing an endocrinologist and working with a nutritionist to aid her patients to achieve better glycemic control and overall better health.

Contact Lens Fitting – Dr. Guthrie and her staff offer a full array of contact lenses. Fitting contact lenses, especially in the dry eye and allergic patient, continues to be a rewarding and challenging aspect of the practice. Her knowledge and experience contribute to the overall success of long-term healthy contact lens wearing. We are very proud of the practice’s success using various multifocal contact lenses.